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Marialucia Cordero: Should animals be euthanized?



Should animals be euthanatized, or not? Many individuals around the world consider euthanasia unethical, but euthanasia is defined as good death, it means that euthanasia can be interpreted as death without physical pain. Euthanasia in an animal shelter is used in animals that are unable to be adopted, such as those with incurable conditions, and in animals with dangerous behavior issues. Humans must not be afraid of death, and it should not be an option to refuse the consent to keep an animal alive that requires assistance. Sacrifice is not a good way to called Euthanasia, since euthanasia and animal sacrifice are entirely unconnected and unrelated to one another. However, animals are killed in zoos because humans are not capable to care for them. Also, some medical workers experience secondary trauma after administering euthanasia protocols on animals. It is vital to be mindful of people's emotions when it comes to animals and to note that any action, or decision made must be in the best interests of the animal, not of oneself. Evidently, the veterinarian in charge of the case must supervise and advise on all aspects of the euthanasia procedure. Owners should take the responsibility and allow their pets to be euthanatized and have a good death.

   About the Author-

Marialucia Cordero was born on May 3, 2002, in Lima, Peru. She was the first-born daughter in her family, clearly being the older of two siblings and their role model. She lived and grew up her entire childhood in her native country until the age of 13. After a while, exactly on May 21, 2015, she traveled to the United States of America specifically to have a better future with her family. Her dream is to become someone successful in the architecture business. In this country, she began her academic activity entering the 8th grade at John F. Kennedy Middle School. After her first and last grade in middle school, she started a new year in high school, again with new classmates and teachers, having a lot of difficulties regarding the language but she tried very hard and adjusted to her new life. At 18 years old, she graduates in 2020 with her friends and family, giving them pride and joy; started studying architecture at Miami-Dade College. She has not finished her journey yet but will continue to achieve her goals, giving a lot of effort to get to graduate with honors, and with the support of her parents, she is willing to accomplish.

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