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Jimaya Wright: Social Media Use Among Teenagers and Adolescents



In this presentation I will state my findings on the pros and cons of social media use among teenagers and how it affects them. The research conducted is relevant to me being a teenager who uses social media and have witnessed the power social media holds. The different areas I covered throughout my research is how social media has been used to promote teen violence in low-income neighborhoods and how it leads to psychological problems among adolescents. To also shed light on the positive side of social media, I covered how it gives its users have the opportunity to communicate and break down cultural barriers. It’s also a much more efficient way for information to be received, and social media also gives its participants a wide range to be more creative, giving them the ability to solve global issues. Correlating my findings to how the media is a very important part in making the world a better place, while advocating human rights and raising awareness on important events that has taken place. Showing the power of social media and how it has been recognized on an international level, pushing to show how it can move so many people to move in the right direction by offering a wide range of possibilities.

   About the Author-

Jimaya Wright is a high school student dually enrolled at Miami-Dade College. She wants to pursue a master’s degree in architecture, and with her direct experience with going over budgeting strategies and drafting floor plans. Jimaya has created some design layouts for open spaces while engaging in brainstorming sessions with professional engineers. Jimaya Wright is a responsible, intuitive, and exceptionally dedicated student. She is thorough and insightful, and her leadership ability is firmly anchored in creativity and confidence. Ms. Wright has a positive attitude and is an outstanding academic achiever.

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