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TutorTIPs Symposium: 2020 Symposium

Tutor Symposium

2020 Agenda

Breakout session titles link to the live Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Session Room which will be accessible on Friday, December 18, 2020 at the scheduled times.

Welcoming Remarks, Keynote Address, and Closing Session will all be hosted in our main room:


Welcome Remarks


Erick Dominicis, College-wide Director of Learning Resources

Dr. Alfredo Leon, Interim Dean of Faculty, Padron Campus


Keynote Speaker


Dr. Loretta Ovueraye

Vice Provost, Workforce Programs & Professional Learning


Session A

·       Active Learning
Kelly Hernandez, Academic Writing Coach, Medical Campus
Ivan Toledo, Associate Director of Learning Resources, Medical Campus

·       Battling Bias and Embracing Equity
Arlizia Smith, Associate Instructor, Learning Resources, North Campus

·       Building Bridges: Music in Tutoring
Christopher Myers, Tutor, North Campus
Alexander Quintana, Student, North Campus

·       The One Stop Source for Student Success
Mary Wallace, Outreach Coordinator at Single Stop, Medical & Padron Campus
Janet Mapp, Director of Single Stop, North Campus

·       Physical to Digital: Bringing Equity and Accessibility to Video Tutorials
Nerys Torralbas, Associate Instructor, Learning Resources, Hialeah Campus
Alejandro Leyva, Associate Instructor, Learning Resources, Hialeah Campus

·       Promoting the Values of Empathy and Equity while Providing Writing Support to English as a Second Language (ESL) Students
Adrian Legaspi, Associate Director of Learning Resources, Homestead Campus

·       Sexual Violence and Academic Success
Reisha Williams, Director of Interpersonal Violence Prevention
Franchine Daley, Program Manager, Roxcy Bolton Rape Treatment Center
April Gaddis, Associate Director of Learning Resources, Hialeah Campus

·       Stand on the Shoulders of Giants to Step Over the Barriers of Inequity: Using Google Scholar to Leverage the Power of Open Access and OER
Michael Moore, Learning Resources Professional, Kendall Campus


Coffee Break & Stretch


Session B

·       Become an ACCESS Ally
Corrinne Lockamy, Director of ACCESS Services, Hialeah Campus

·       MDC Leadership Project - Factors Affecting Black Male Student Success in Two-Year State College
Shane Johnson, Director of The Honors College

·       “Now, I See It”: How Tutors Can Use Visuals to Enhance Students’ Understanding of Material
Philip Peevy, Lab Instructor, Padron Campus

·       Providing Effective Feedback: Getting Students to Listen
Ismael Santos, Tutor, Padron Campus

·       The Source of Empathy and Equity
Gabriel Lamas, Mental Health Practitioner, Citrus Health
Daniela Socorro, EnTec Tutor, Hialeah Campus

·       Supporting Collaborative Teamwork: Helping Students Succeed with Group Projects
Patrick Henry, Academic Support Writing Coach, Wolfson Campus
Kimberly Logan-Hynes, Tutor, Wolfson Campus

·       Utilizing Technology to Enhance Learning Process in Tutoring Sessions
Ileana Carballosa, STEM Success Center Manager, Padron Campus
Jose Alarcon, Lab Instructor STEM Success Center, Padron Campus
Luis Rodriguez, Math Faculty, Padron Campus

·       You Are A Resource: Tutors as Change Allies
Jennifer Diptee, Director of Learning Resources, Kendall Campus
Isabel Duque, Learning Resources Professional, Padron Campus
Lizeth Garcia, Learning Resources Professional, Homestead Campus
Leslie Alfonso, Associate Instructor, Learning Resources, Kendall Campus


Closing Session


Keynote Recording