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TutorTIPs Symposium: 2023 Symposium

Banner of the 9th Annual Tutor Symposium with a group shot of learning resources staff.


Agenda at a Glance

A brief overview of the agenda.

Campus Map

Map of a section of the North Campus.

Parking: Use parking lots near Building 2.

Arrival: Report to Building 2, Room 2158. Clock in, register, and grab breakfast. Welcome remarks and keynote speaker sessions will take place in 2158.

Sessions: All breakout sessions will be held in Building 1 in the AI Center and parallel rooms.

Closing: Report back to 2158 for the closing session and giveaways.



Welcome Remarks

Room 2158


Erick Dominicis, College-wide Director, Learning Resources


Keynote Speaker

Room 2158


Ms. Maria Villalobos

Director, iCED, North Campus



Session A

      Dungeons & Dragons Character Creation - Creative Writing in Disguise - Room 1221
Dennis Edelen, Learning Resources, Kendall Campus
Bianca Wrves, Learning Resources, Kendall Campus

       Level up your creative mindset with D&D! D&D requires an in-depth character creation process, and it uses all the same building blocks for fiction writing. We will discuss how to make compelling characters using a character creation sheet and how it can be used not just for D&D, but for any creative writing project.

      Enhancing Tutoring Sessions: Strategies for Integrating AI Tools and Techniques - Room 1231
Kevin Pino, Learning Resources, Hialeah Campus

       Alex Arguelles, Learning Resources, Hialeah Campus

       Explore the future of tutoring in our presentation where we delve into innovative strategies for integrating AI in tutoring sessions. We will guide you through practical methods and share insights on effectively collaborating with AI to enhance the learning experience. Discover how AI can be a powerful ally in tutoring, helping to tailor sessions to individual needs, improve engagement, and maximize learning outcomes. Join us for a transformative discussion on leveraging AI's potential to revolutionize tutoring approaches and methodologies.

      Developing Interactive Learning Modules with Articulate Rise 360 - Room 2102-8
Ivan Toledo, Learning Resources, Medical Campus

       April Gaddis, Learning Resources, Medical Campus

       Tutors use various methods to help students learn, including seminars, tutorials, e-learning, and workshops. With Rise 360, tutors can create interactive lessons and learning modules that support student learning in even more ways. In this workshop, tutors will learn how to use Rise 360 to create fully responsive modules. They will also use Gagne's Nine Events of Instruction as an instructional design model to enhance learning, increase student engagement, and promote the acquisition of knowledge and skills.

     The Unprepared And The Prepared- Room 1235
James Romagnolo, Learning Resources, Hialeah Campus

       There are many ways to help students regardless of how prepared or unprepared they may come to a tutoring session. This session will give tools to help reinforce our zero turn-away policy and make long-term users of our tutoring labs. With the information the student gives and the tutor's knowledge of the subject and the student’s needs, they can give the student the best session for something as simple as making them comfortable in conversation or revealing what the student may not understand. We will address proactive customer service, but more importantly, increase the student usage of tutors

    Tutoring 101: The Basics of a Tutoring Session - Room 1240
Edgar Arechavaleta, Learning Resources, Hialeah Campus

       This session will focus on tutoring philosophy and goals with strategies necessary to conduct a successful tutoring session. Participants will join in role-playing activities and have a chance to reflect and discuss how to incorporate these strategies when meeting with students.

    Cite Your Sources - Room 1241
Luna Saturne-Mills, STEM Tutor, North Campus

       By the end of this presentation, tutors will be able to help students to find appropriate tools for citations for research studies. This includes the skills to identify and formulate relevant theories, create alternative solutions and strategies, and apply them to a hypothetical case within a written research proposal.  



Break & Stretch


Session B

        Mindset Makeover: Embracing Graphic Novels for Teaching and Learning - Room 1221
Jenny Saxton, Faculty Librarian, Learning Resources, Kendall Campus
Dennis Edelen, Learning Resources, Kendall Campus

       Joseph Guerra, Learning Resources, North Campus

       Comics in the classroom? Manga in the math lab? Yes, please! Tap into the power and popularity of graphic novels and manga to boost student engagement, enhance comprehension, and attract reluctant readers. From literary analysis to linear algebra, this captivating combo of art and narrative can enrich any lesson in any subject area. Join us as we explore the pedagogical potential of graphic novels and manga to inspire creativity, foster critical thinking, and promote multiple literacies across the college curriculum.

    Building a Failure Preparedness Plan - Room 1231
Kathleen Mato
, Learning Resources, West Campus

       Kristina Smeriglio, Learning Resources, West Campus

       Being resilient in the face of failure is an essential skill that can help staff and students alike bounce back, learn, and ultimately achieve greater success. In this workshop we will redefine failure, identify ways growth mindsets and fixed mindsets differ, and discuss practices that develop resiliency. Attendees will be encouraged to participate by sharing experiences or observations of failure and resilience.

    Learning and Emotions - Room 1224
Jose Alarcon, Learning Resources, Padron Campus
Xiomara Cabrera, Learning Resources, West Campus

       This presentation explores the complex relationship between students' emotions and their learning experiences. It investigates how emotions, both positive and negative, can significantly impact a student's ability to acquire knowledge, perform well academically, and ultimately succeed in their educational journey. The presentation emphasizes the importance of recognizing and addressing these emotions to create a more supportive and effective learning environment for students.

    The Genie is Out of the Bottle - Tutoring in a World of A.I. - Room 1235
Tanya Chen, Learning Resources, Kendall Campus
Norman Klein,
Learning Resources, Kendall Campus

       Amanda Winter, Learning Resources, Kendall Campus

       We invite tutors from all MDC campuses for a roundtable discussion about Artificial Intelligence in general and Chat GPT in particular. We hope to share experiences with this recent phenomenon, how to address it, and what the future of tutoring might look like in a world with AI.

    Tutoring 101: The Basics of a Tutoring Session - Room 1240
Winsome Williams, Learning Resources, North Campus

       This session will focus on tutoring philosophy and goals with strategies necessary to conduct a successful tutoring session. Participants will join in role-playing activities and have a chance to reflect and discuss how to incorporate these strategies when meeting with students.

    Boring Topics? We Can Teach That! Utilizing Multimodality and Technology to Enhance Tutoring and Learning - Room 1241 
Tyra Madison, Learning Resource, Homestead Campus

       Kendaly Alvarez, Learning Resource, Homestead Campus

       In this session, we will dive into innovative approaches for making traditionally "boring" topics engaging and accessible to students. With the power of technology at your fingertips, you'll discover how to revitalize tutoring experiences by using video essays and other multimodality methods.




Break & Stretch


Closing Session

Growth Mindset Panel - Room 2158

Apollinaire Mendoza, a writing tutor from North Campus, will interview a three-person panel of tutors about their worst appointment, their best appointment, how they've grown as a result of those experiences, and the tools they developed to combat self-doubt.

Panelists: Ed Kennedy, Hedvig Bjoerge, Susan Grupper

Closing remarks and Giveaways


Erick Dominicis, College-wide Director, Learning Resources

Alexander Hernandez, Campus Director, Learning Resources, Hialeah Campus