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TutorTIPs Symposium: Give me 5! Using Videos to Capture Students' Attention


Give me 5! Using Videos to Capture Students' Attention
Juan Rodriguez, Adjunct Faculty, North Campus

The findings of Descartes, Pythagoras, Newton, Leonardo, and all those geniuses are still valid today. What has changed over time are the methods that we use to teach our students. Today, we must be more creative to capture our students’ attention. To do this, we must make students comfortable enough to allow us to show them that knowledge is worth it. I would like to pilot a program with Learning Resources to produce 5–7-minute videos that cover each of the topics of a syllabus for Math 1033 and MGF 1106-7. According to statistics, most of the information consumed by students is done on a mobile device. As such, these videos might help students retain more information and skills after a tutoring session, since students can access these videos at any time from their cell phone or other devices.


  • Encourage tutors from other disciplines to consider creating similar videos
  • Share ideas on how to capture the students' motivation and attention

Recording will be posted soon!