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TutorTIPs Symposium: Building Bridges: Music in Tutoring

Building Bridges: Music in Tutoring

Session Overview


Building Bridges: Music in Tutoring 
Christopher Myers, Tutor, North Campus 
Alexander Quintana, Student, North Campus 

Music is a bridge; not only does it build extensive connections between individuals and cultures, but it also overlaps with practically every academic discipline. Music is mathematics, language, science, history, culture, and health all wrapped into one; however, can it be used in collegiate-level academic tutoring? Christopher Myers and Alexander Quintana present music as a tool that can be creatively implemented by tutors to facilitate interdisciplinary learning, foster higher-order thinking, and promote empathy between tutors and students.


  • Understand the interdisciplinary nature of music as a field
  • Learn music-oriented tutoring strategies that promote higher-order thinking
  • Connect music-oriented strategies and tutoring to create an empathetic learning environment


Session Materials

Session Recording