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TutorTIPs Symposium: 2022 Symposium

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Agenda at a Glance

Agenda Overview

Campus Map

MDC Hialeah Campus Map

Parking: Use Lot 2, Lot 3, Lot 4, or the Garage on the first floor of Building 5.

Arrival: Report to Building 5, Room 5101. Clock in, register, and grab breakfast. Welcome remarks and keynote speaker sessions will take place in 5101.

Sessions: All breakout sessions will be held in Building 1 & 2.

Closing: Report to 5101 for closing remarks and giveaways.



Welcome Remarks

Room 5101


Dr. Georgette Perez, Campus President, Hialeah Campus

Erick Dominicis, College-wide Director, Learning Resources


Keynote Speakers

Room 5101


Dr. Jorge Michael Cuellar

Dean of Faculty, Kendall Campus

Dr. Caridad Castro

Dean of Faculty, Hialeah Campus


Session A

      Climbing the Mentorship Mountain - Room 2214
Caitlin Richardson, Director, Learning Resources, Homestead Campus
Nerys Torralbas, Associate Director, Learning Resources, Hialeah Campus

       Stepping outside of your job description or comfort zone can be scary, but finding someone to support you along the way can make the journey a bit easier. We are excited to share how our own experiences as mentees and mentors have helped our growth from tutors to administrators. In addition, we will work on discovering best practices that will help you identify mentors, and build skills that will strengthen your future resumes. 

      How to Create Events that Cause a Buzz on Campus - Room 2211
Kendaly Alvarez, Instructional Assistant II, Learning Resources, Padron Campus

       Tutors have limited opportunities to mentor students at MDC. Events provide opportunities for tutors to create relationships with students and form a mentor/mentee relationship as well as personify Learning Resources. In this workshop attendees will learn how to create events that will provide mentorship to students, introspection, offer a sense of community, increase repeat students, and teach valuable career skills. Attendees will be split into teams and create an event by the end of the session.

      What To Do in a Session When They Don't Know What To Do? - Room 1311
Mayra Hernandez, Writing Lab Instructor, Learning Resources, Padron Campus
Zoraida Pastor, Writing Lab Instructor, Learning Resources, Padron Campus

       Padron campus launched 6 required tutor visits for ENC students during the Fall 2022 semester. Throughout the semester, we noticed some students had already completed their assignments and attended the session unprepared. Participants will learn strategies to create a mini-lesson that can be used when a student comes unprepared for tutoring. At the end of the session, participants will complete a Kahoot to review the material covered.

    How Did You Get From There to Here?: An interview with National Library of Medicine staff - Room 2215
April Gaddis, Director, Learning Resources, Medical Campus
Kelly Hernandez, Academic Support Writing Coach, Learning Resources, Medical Campus

       The world of Learning Resources is vast, but how does one navigate a career within this discipline and beyond? In this session, two National Library of Medicine staff members, DeAnn Brame and Sarah Fischer from the Medical University of South Carolina will join us in a panel and answer questions from the audience. If you're thinking, "Well, I am not into health sciences or medicine," not to worry. Our panelists don't have that background either, but together, we will learn from their intriguing journeys into the world of library giants.

    Looking Past the Learning - Room 1309
William Neris, Faculty, Padron Campus
Eleazar Asencio, Associate Director, Learning Resources, Padron Campus

       While the focus is often placed on teaching and learning, there is an increasing need to address a student's beliefs, attitudes, or emotions. In fact, research has demonstrated that a student affect, such as motivation, has a direct impact on their learning in subjects such as math and science. The goal of this interactive workshop is understand student affect and develop strategies to engage students better in order to facilitate learning.

    The Seven Best Learning Strategies, According to Science - Room 1322
Luna Saturne-Mills, STEM Tutor, North Campus

       This session will cover several study strategies and techniques that science has proven effective in retaining information as a pacing guide for tutorial practices. In evidence- based research, it shows that the student's ability to critically analyze how they think and feel about studying may influence how they approach tasks with logic and emotions to solve problems.

    Tutoring Creative Writing - Room 1316
Giselda Aguiar, Reading Lab Coordinator, The Learning Spot, Wolfson Campus

       Although tutors work mostly with academic papers, students are also seeking guidance for short stories or poems either for classes. submitting to a campus literary magazine, or a personal narrative for a transfer application. Just as academic writing and creative writing are different, the way tutors provide feedback to each type differs. Learn how to approach a student's creative work and how tutoring centers can help with student services support, retention, and developing campus community while cultivating student creativity.

    Tutoring 101: The Basics of a Tutoring Session - Room 2312
Steven Ignetti, Associate Instructor, Learning Resources, Hialeah Campus

       Join a fundamental tutor training session no matter your subject or department. Together, we'll outline key parts of a successful tutor session and facilitate progressive and impactful practices for academic support! The facilitators will provide strategies on how to:

       1. Prepare for a tutoring session

       2. Start a well-informed tutoring session

       3. Staying on task during the session

       4. End the tutoring session


Break & Stretch


Session B

       Level Up Your Interview: Marketing Tutoring Skills - Room 2211
Pamela Suguimitzu, Instructional Designer/Tech Trainer II, WeLearn 366 Institute, Padron Campus
Teresa Cusidor, Associate Instructor, Learning Resources, Hialeah Campus

       Project managing, training, and collaborating are only a few of the skills every tutor utilizes that are transferable to any profession. However, it can be challenging to make connections from your tutor experience in the middle of an interview. Discover how to leverage your current skillset while beating interviewee nerves. Join us in actively adapting the MDC tutor experience to future opportunities.

    Supporting EAP Students - Room 1316
Nathalie Thomas, Instructional Assistant II, Learning Resources, West Campus

       Between balancing homework, exams, and learning a new language, college for EAP students can seem especially challenging. MDC tutors are here to offer our support to these students and make it so that they will have a much smoother, successful college experience. This includes consistent tutoring, mentorship, and helping students outside of class assignments.

    Zoom to the Top of Your Virtual Appointment - Room 1309
Cecilia Arce, Writing Tutor, Learning Resources, Hialeah Campus
Emmanuel Garcia, EnTec Tutor, Learning Resources, Hialeah Campus
Yousy Martinez, Science Tutor, Learning Resources, Hialeah Campus

       This session will offer multidisciplinary strategies and best practices for tutors using Zoom for their sessions. Tutors from the areas of Writing, Speech, EnTec, and Science will discuss what they have learned during their transition to Zoom: their achievements, limitations, hacks, and resources. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and contribute to the best practices conversation.

    Clean up your writing tutoring sessions with S.O.A.P. - Room 2215
Kelly Hernandez, Academic Support Writing Coach, Learning Resources, Medical Campus
Paulette Isaac, Faculty, Medical Campus

       The S.O.A.P. (Subjective, Objective, Assessment and Plan) note is a commonly used method of documentation for nurses and doctors, as it is a structured and organized way to document patient information. In this session, the presenters will show tutors how to use the S.O.A.P. structure to make writing tutoring appointments more effective, preparing students to assess their own learning and identify their own post-session interventions.

    Working the Workshop - Room 2214
Clayre Benzadon, Instructional Assistant II, Learning Resources, Homestead Campus
Adrian Legaspi, Associate Director, Learning Resources, Homestead Campus

       For many first-timers, hosting a workshop can be a daunting task. In this breakout session, we will cover some of the tips and best practices when it comes to facilitating a workshop to help allay these first-time fears. We will also consider some of the effective methods of marketing your workshop and keeping your audience engaged, whether they be in-person or online. 

    Strategies to Increase Tutoring Sessions - Room 1311 
Edward Kennedy, Writing Support Assistant, Wolfson Campus

       This workshop will cover strategies to help increase individual and group tutoring sessions. Strategies include embedded tutoring, networking at campus events, communication with students, developing faculty relationships, and many more. Join us at the session to learn more about how tutors can increase their tutoring activity and effectiveness in supporting student success.

    Elevating Math & Science Tutoring - Room 1322
Brandon Rojo, STEM Tutor, West Campus
Marianna Salazar Palma, STEM, West Campus

       The Art of Isolating will focus on explaining how to isolate variables from different formulas by using something I like to call "The Triangle method." The presentation shows the organization of thought students should follow in order to name compounds. Following a flow chart to name compounds and how they work systematically. As well as defining key terms used in bonding and the difference between the possible bonds. In addition how these different bonds affect the naming of the compound.

    Tutoring 101: The Basics of a Tutoring Session - Room 2312
Steven Ignetti, Associate Instructor, Learning Resources, Hialeah Campus

       Join a fundamental tutor training session no matter your subject or department. Together, we'll outline key parts of a successful tutor session and facilitate progressive and impactful practices for academic support! The facilitators will provide strategies on how to:

        1. Prepare for a tutoring session

        2. Start a well-informed tutoring session

        3. Staying on task during the session

        4. End the tutoring session



Break & Stretch


Closing Session

Back in Room 5101


Erick Dominicis, College-wide Director, Learning Resources

Alexander Hernandez, Campus Director, Learning Resources, Hialeah Campus