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TutorTIPs Symposium: You Are A Resource: Tutors As Change Allies

You Are A Resource: Tutors As Change Allies

Session Overview


You Are A Resource: Tutors as Change Allies 
Jennifer Diptee, Director of Learning Resources, Kendall Campus 
Isabel Duque, Learning Resources Professional, Padron Campus 
Lizeth Garcia, Learning Resources Professional, Homestead Campus 
Leslie Alfonso, Associate Instructor, Learning Resources, Kendall Campus 

In this session, Learning Resources professionals will explore, connect and reinforce the critical role that tutors and academic support staff play in Changemaking initiatives across the College.  We will describe the key attributes of changemaking, explore how different campuses are supporting it thru collaborative efforts between students, faculty and Learning Resources, learn about what faculty are doing to encourage students, and engage in active dialogue about opportunities to engage in changemaking efforts at different campuses.


  • Understand Changemaking and be able to articulate some of the attributes.
  • Demonstrate and explore how academic support is a critical piece to success.
  • Encourage staff to connect with fellow Changemakers on campus and support initiatives.

Session Materials

Session Recording