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TutorTIPs Symposium: Speech Tutoring 101: Preparing Tutors and Empowering Students


Speech Tutoring 101: Preparing Tutors and Empowering Students
Nerys Torralbas, Associate Instructor, Learning Resources, Hialeah Campus
Yane Nemeroff, Faculty, Hialeah Campus

This session will focus on the basic components of a speech tutoring session and rethinking speeches as strictly a SPC1017/SPC2608 need. Additionally, we will recognize how effective communication and public speaking applies to a variety of courses and careers. Tutors will gain insight on the different types of speeches, how to strategically breakdown a tutoring session for a speech, show and encourage students the utilize additional resources, and expand academic support outreach to nontraditional avenues.


  • Train tutors who are new to speech tutoring by outlining the basics of a session
  • Build on the skillset of already experienced tutors by listening to a Professional in the field
  • Learn to organize a tutoring session for a speech or class presentation
  • Identify and encourage the use of additional resources to improve the overall quality of presentation
  • Learn tips to reduce the student’s anxiety and improve performance
  • Invite tutors to think outside the box when doing outreach for speech beyond ENC and SPC courses, since public speaking is a multidimensional skill

Recording will be posted soon!