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TutorTIPs Symposium: Bridging the Gap Between Tutoring and Library Services


Bridging the Gap Between Tutoring and Library Services
Christina Dillon, Learning Resources Professional, Hialeah Campus
Angel Hernandez, Learning Resources Professional, North Campus
Jenny Saxton, Faculty Librarian, Learning Resources, Kendall Campus

Who are the librarians? What do they do exactly? This session is intended to better inform tutors of the role of librarians and the services and support they can offer. In demystifying the librarian's role, new opportunities to partner in supporting students will present themselves, both during one-on-one sessions and in embedded courses. Opportunities to connect and work together with non-traditional courses will also be highlighted.


  • The role of a librarian tends to be somewhat nebulous and we aim to clarify and enlighten tutors with the end goal of bridging the gap between the two areas and offering full circle service to students.

Recording will be posted soon!