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TutorTIPs Symposium: The One Stop Source for Student Success

The One Stop Source for Student Success

Session Overview


The One Stop Source for Student Success  
Mary Wallace, Outreach Coordinator at Single Stop, Medical & Padron Campus 
Janet Mapp, Director of Single Stop, North Campus 

In this presentation, we will discuss what Single Stop is and the free services available for students and their family members. Along with exploring why it is important for the Single Stop team to be empathic, understanding, and flexible for our students so we can meet them where they are and help them be successful in their academic journey and beyond.

Single Stop is a college-wide one-stop source for students and their immediate family members to be connected to public benefits and local resources. Single Stop aims to connect students with valuable resources, so they can concentrate on what matters most: their coursework, their families, and their futures. Single Stop offers students a wide array of services, including public benefits screening, financial coaching, individual counseling, tax preparation, access to a food pantry, and various other services. Best of all, the services that Single Stop offers are free!


We hope to spread awareness of Single Stop and the free services and resources we offer. We also would like to explain how students can access Single Stop, which is a college-wide program and available at every campus.

Session Recording